Research Studies

Clinical trials are developed and performed to answer questions about the treatment of a disease. The results of a clinical trial provide information about a new treatments or new treatments added to current treatments. Information obtained includes the effectiveness, side effects and tolerability.

The physicians at Medical Consultants are currently active in clinical trial studies in the treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. Patients are able to receive the same cutting-edge treatment that major centers provide while remaining close to home.

All clinical trials conducted at Medical Consultants are performed under required FDA safety and ethical guidelines. The Research Committee at Medical Consultants oversees all clinical trials that are conducted. All research that is conducted has been reviewed and approved by the local Institutional Review Board at Ball Memorial Hospital or by one of the central Institutional Review Boards located across the country.

Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial
Patients who participate in a clinical trial help determine if the new treatment being tested is more effective than the current standard treatment. The information obtained from their participation helps determine if the treatment is effective and well tolerated. Patients enrolled in a clinical trial receive the highest quality of care. The research physician will monitor them closely during the study and in the follow-up after active treatment is complete. Patients also contribute to the future of treating many different diseases.
Clinical Studies

To obtain information about a clinical trial being conducted at Medical Consultants contact the following:

To obtain information about a clinical trial being conducted at Medical Consultants, please contact us at the following:

Or call 765-281-2000

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